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Urban Documents

This national touring exhibition had both colour documentary photographs and works made in the studio by photographing cardboard models. The subjects are predominately from Weston-super-Mare, but also Bristol and beyond. They explore the exteriors of buildings that have been adapted over time, including back views of mansions, hotels, and commercial buildings. Added staircases, roof windows and air-conditioning units have become new and significant features, baring testament to our evolving society and the shape of our urban world.

10 framed photographs measuring 863 x 1016 mm, and 10 measuring 508 x 610 mm, were shown at: The Architecture Centre, Bristol; The Lighthouse, Glasgow; and the Solent Centre for Architecture and Design, Winchester.

A copy of the catalogue, ISBN 0955360900, can be found at the British Library and other archives such as the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art.