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These pits are believed to be iron age grain silos. The site, Worlebury Hillfort, occasionally gets cleared to reveal more of them and their micro worlds of fauna amongst the trees.

In the stillness of the morning and the flatness of the light, poised with my cable release in hand, waiting for the blades of grass to settle, I can reach a state of extreme alertness, when my senses are tuned to every stimulus. First impressions are that everything is still, then through tuning vision slowly you see everything is moving in slow motion and in turn. ‘When can I get the photograph?’

Behind is a gentle rustle in the trees passing from left to right. In a moment that breeze will set off the grasses in front of me. It does, then passes through.

As the scene settles, a bubble bee whizzes in landing on a stem. The movement sends it swaying, before the bee passes on and the stem return to its position. A gull wheels overhead and moves away. Now I can release the shutter. Click.