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EAST International 2002

The open exhibition attracted over 1300 entries from around the world and 20 artists were selected by Lawrence Weiner and Jack Wendler to show together in Norwich, UK.

‘All art is made by people who are not happy with the configuration of things as they stand. When you are not happy with the way things stand, you can take it upon yourself; if you are lucky enough to be living in a place where they are either not noticing what you do or you can get away with it; you can change that configuration and you become responsible for that configuration.’

From the William Townsend Memorial Lecture titled ‘Aesthetics, Ethics, Etc.’ by Lawrence Weiner 2002.

‘Stephen Monger takes on the gallery itself in his representation of the miniature. Flying is one reason for miniaturisation, but play is another, a controllable world of make believe in the mounting chaos.’

From ‘American Socialism’ by Lynda Morris, curator, EAST Catalogue 2002.

I showed five framed photographs of reconfigured cardboard gallery spaces each measuring 1200 x 1420 mm, with support from the University of Derby and Southern Arts.